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I am a Business consultant & Growth strategist who helps digital business owners 2x, 3x or even 10x their business by changing, improving or inventing their perfect business model, remove overwhelm and overthinking, integrate the right processes and ultimately deliver exponential growth which in turn will result in more time freedom.


Elisabeth Botman


I'm Elisabeth Botman

I have helped dozens of Business Owners scale their business to multiple 6 figures and 7 figures in the last 6 years, have scaled my own business to 7-figures and have developed a proven method & strategy to effectively improve & ultimately scale your business; The C.O.R.E. Method.  Schedule your discovery call.


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The first impressions you'll get with Elisabeth is all consistent. This driven and skilled woman knows her stuff and is a proven excellent guide. She is not only incredibly dedicated and hard working but a thorough coach who will work with you to guide you through the necessary steps your business clearly needs to grow properly. It's a pleasure learning from you Elisabeth!

Nisreen Slim

Digital Business Owner

Elisabeth is an amazing expert and I absolutely love working with her. This woman is full of amazing ideas and super organized which is hard to find these days. I love how much she cares about her clients' results and is always willing to go a step further to make sure you get the results you were hoping for.

Nika Wolf

CEO Marketing Agency

As far as I am concerned, Elisabeth is someone who hates mediocrity. I think that is the main reason why “failure” is a non-existing word in Elisabeth’s vocabulary. Of course she has excellent, various skills and she is well-educated, but her power and her will to achieve what she wants make Elisabeth THE person you want to work with

Marco Sanders


I have been working with Elisabeth for about 6 months now and she has been an invaluable asset to my success. Her expertise and knowledge on multiple topics have been just what I needed to move my business forward and 3x's my revenue. During these last 6 months I have written and published an online course, built multiple sales funnels, hired an entire team of professionals, increased my social following, written 2 books and more...

Kela Robinson Smith

Fertility & Hormones Coach

I cannot begin to describe just how well organized and intelligent Elisabeth is! She has an innate ability to coach and assist others and does it with such devotion! This lady is highly capable in assisting others to reach their full potential and realize their goals! So nice working alongside you, Elisabeth! Thank you for your insight!!

Jennifer Moke

Digital Business Owner

How do you spell H E R O, well that’s very easy: Elisabeth Botman. Elisabeth AKA Lissy has become a HUGE mentor of mine over the time we have known each other for her astute knowledge of coaching & mentoring people to successfully scale their business, an advocate for the people and to do what is right at all times; a woman with a great sense of humor even during turbulent times, a true leader and incredible woman of integrity not only in business but with obvious love for her family.

Kristi Hanson

CEO Marketing Agency


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