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Hi Friends,


Are you sick and tired of the cookie-cutter programs, webinars & "experts" out there that are supposed to help us improve our business when it comes to strategy & marketing? Are you READY to experience some REAL change in your business as a coach or practitioner?


Read my story below, and find out how I was able to grow my business and thus helped so many more people while I embarked on this journey.


My name is Kela Robinson Smith aka "Coach Kela". I am a certified health coach focusing on Fertility and Hormones. I help women who are struggling with infertility get pregnant naturally by teaching them how to use my protocol The Hormone Puzzle Method to put the pieces of their hormone puzzle back together and get pregnant naturally in 90 Days or less.


I have worked with thousands of women all around the world and for the last few months I have been asked multiple times who I have been working with...


" What is my secret and how was I able to scale, grow & accelerate my business so fast? "


It's not magic.


It involved hard work and having a lot of focus. It wasn't easy either, but I could have never done this all by myself.


And neither should you! 


I worked together with my Business Consultant & Growth strategist Elisabeth Botman.


Under her guidance this is what I have accomplished over the last 6 months:

• Worked out a Business and Marketing Growth Strategy
• Grew my Facebook business page to over 5000 followers
• Grew my LinkedIn to over 1500 connections
• Connected with over 100 referral partners in the wellness industry for collaboration
• Created an online evergreen program
• Wrote 2 books (one just published on Amazon and 1 is launching next month) (The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook)
• Created a methodology to help even MORE clients
• Hired a literary agent, publisher, editor, lead generation company (growing my company in the process)
• Found an investor group to invest in my company (can’t grow without money)
• 3x my revenue since conception
• And SO much more. She literally has guided me EVERY step of the way.


Let's face it. You and me are good in what we do, we love to change the world through the hearts of our clients, but when it comes to business, marketing and all the online tedious mazes of positioning ourselves as the experts we are; We need help.


Before I met Elisabeth, I spent over $30 000 dollars on useless strategies, courses, the "OFA" Challenge by Clickfunnels, business coaches, web designers, branding specialists & more with ZERO results. Sound familiar?


I was fed up, frustrated & to be quite honest:

I was starting to lose my steam.


But now my results don't lie. I have accomplished a great deal over the last 6 months and people noticed.


Elisabeth generally only works with business owners who already make 5/6 figures and who are ready to scale to 7-figures, but I have been enrolled into her 1-on-1 starters program. A program that is hard to get into and you'd have to get lucky if a spot opens up.


Elisabeth & I had a long conversation about how we could help the Health Coaches & Practitioners in my circles (and beyond that of course.. ) to accelerate their businesses, and basically help them do what I did... My business is thriving and constantly evolving.


Offer help to the ones who need the strategic guidance. The ones who need a sounding board and the guidance of someone who won't be using "cookie cutter" systems & strategies.


Elisabeth suggested to use the power of a Mastermind.


A collective of health coaches & practitioners like you and me, who participate in weekly calls with only 1 goal: Help each other succeed and run a thriving business.


And that's not all she suggested: She offered to lead the Mastermind, but on the condition I was going to lead it as well.


After the initial "jaw drop", I immediately said YES.


A collaboration was born.


Elisabeth is an official partner of Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's & has the official certifications on how to effectively lead a Mastermind.


The seed we planted in our conversation grew out to a mission with a vision, we envisioned helping health coaches & practitioners to get the headstart they so desperately need in order to grow, scale & accelerate. 


Knowledge is POWER. And the power that comes with entering a Mastermind focused on the success of Health Coaches & Practitioners is unique. 


Imagine entering a group of likeminded people, all going into the same direction and heading there under the guidance of a Business Consultant & Strategist with a solid track record.


You need this. I know you know this. I know, because I was you...


We've all worked hard to acquire the knowledge to help our clients, but in order to get clients:


We need strategy.

We need marketing.

We need a solid direction....


We need help.


Maybe you are just like me 6 months ago, I couldn't afford to spend another $30 000 on my business. I needed something that would work for me.


And I needed it "Yesterday".


If you are still reading, that means I have caught your attention.


Elisabeth & myself are offering you to enter an official Mastermind group specifically for Health Coaches & Practioners who want to grow, scale and improve their business.


The first group started on December 1st. We'll only allow 50 people to enroll per group and we will be starting the second group on March 9 2020. You can secure your spot TODAY!


And the costs? Well. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor by investing in this Mastermind. It's a fraction of what most people pay to get access to this type of knowledge.


And you'll benefit from this Mastermind in so many ways! I am confident your monthly investment will come back to you 10x.


Read below to see what you'll get when you join us!


See you there?


Kela Robinson Smith


PS: Don't lose to much time thinking about this. If it's not for you, you can stop participating. We'll open up your spot to someone else.

HCP Online Mastermind

Who is this for: Health Coaches, Life Coaches & Wellness Practitioners who are passionate about what they do and are ready to experience growth in their business...

One group has already started on December 1st 2019. The second will launch in March 9 2020.

We are launching the Second Mastermind Group in...


Only 50 Spots Available

As a member of the Health Coaches & Practitioners (HCP) Online Mastermind you will get to indulge in all of these great perks....

  • Weekly Group Calls

    We'll conduct weekly “meeting of the minds” via a Zoom call,  lead by Elisabeth Botman & Kela Robinson Smith, where we'll address all kinds of strategies to help grow, scale & accelerate your business 

  • Access to a private membership

    You'll get full access to a private membership area where you'll find recordings of all the weekly calls, business resources, videos, ebooks, podcast episodes, FAQ's, bonus trainings & more...

  • Networking Oppertunities

    The power of this Mastermind is in the collaboration.  Networking & having a team to bounce ideas and questions off of will help grow your business in so many ways.

  • Q&A Portal

    Aside from the Q&A sessions during the weekly calls, you'll have access to a Question & Answer portal where you can submit individual questions to Elisabeth Botman & Kela Robinson Smith each week.

  • Messaging Platform

    Learning, growing & keeping each other accountable is essential to growth. We'll provide an online messaging platform where we can connect with each other 24/7 to help optimize your growth.

  • Author Collaboration

    Each member of the Mastermind Group receives a unique invitation to co-author an HCP book.  Become an author and understand the process of self-publishing a book to help place yourself as an expert in your field..

  • Light Bulb Experts

    We'll be inviting more high-level experts, such as marketing, branding, lead-gen, funding specialists, book coaches & others to participate in the weekly calls to help give you an even broader knowledge base. 

  • HCP Blueprints & More

    We'll provide you with “blueprints” consisting of  success formulas, training material, sales copy, ad copy, email copy & more that have proven results.  Simply customize them and use them.

  • HCP Mastermind


    Once you have been in the group and actively participated for at least 3 months, you'll receive an official HCP Mastermind Certification, which you can use in all your marketing efforts to establish authority.

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Who am I?

Business Consultant, Author & Growth Strategist

I am a business consultant, author & growth strategist who helps digital business owners 2x, 3x or even 10x their business by changing, improving or inventing their perfect business model, remove overwhelm and overthinking, integrate the right processes and ultimately deliver exponential growth which in turn will result in more time freedom.


Elisabeth Botman

Founder of The C.O.R.E Method
Partner to by Tony Robbins
Successfull 7-figure Entrepreneur
Leader of HCP Mastermind


What people say about Elisabeth Botman...

The first impressions you'll get with Elisabeth is all consistent. This driven and skilled woman knows her stuff and is a proven excellent guide. She is not only incredibly dedicated and hard working but a thorough coach who will work with you to guide you through the necessary steps your business clearly needs to grow properly. It's a pleasure learning from you Elisabeth!

Nisreen Slim

Digital Business Owner

As far as I am concerned, Elisabeth is someone who hates mediocrity. I think that is the main reason why “failure” is a non-existing word in Elisabeth’s vocabulary. Of course she has excellent, various skills and she is well-educated, but her power and her will to achieve what she wants make Elisabeth THE person you want to work with

Marco Sanders


I cannot begin to describe just how well organized and intelligent Elisabeth is! She has an innate ability to coach and assist others and does it with such devotion! This lady is highly capable in assisting others to reach their full potential and realize their goals! So nice working alongside you, Elisabeth! Thank you for your insight!!

Jennifer Moke

Digital Business Owner

How do you spell H E R O, well that’s very easy: Elisabeth Botman. Elisabeth AKA Lissy has become a HUGE mentor of mine over the time we have known each other for her astute knowledge of coaching & mentoring people to successfully scale their business, an advocate for the people and to do what is right at all times; a woman with a great sense of humor even during turbulent times, a true leader and incredible woman of integrity not only in business but with obvious love for her family.

Kristi Hanson

CEO Marketing Agency