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What is the C.O.R.E Method?

by Elisabeth Botman

Business Consultant & Growth Strategist

" I am a business consultant & growth strategist who helps business owners 2x, 3x or even 10x their business by changing, improving or inventing their perfect business model, remove overwhelm and overthinking, integrate the right processes and ultimately deliver exponential growth which in turn will result in

more time freedom. "

I once found myself in situations where it would have been amazing to have talked to someone who knows more, learned more and failed more to tell me what I should, and shouldn't be doing in my business. I have over 15 years of experience in several industries and I have scaled my own, and multiple other businesses to 7 - figures.


After years of working with hundreds of business owners & entrepreneurs I developed a method in which I take my clients on a pathway to bigger success through a one-on-one consulting & coaching model.


I call it the C.O.R.E Method and it has proven to be a great success with all my clients in scaling and improving their new & existing business models.


The C.O.R.E Method covers an intensive and proven pathway to take your business to the next level.


For Starters or Business Owners who struggle to surpass or maintain the 5-figure month we implement the additional Starter/Struggle program, also known as S.C.O.R.E Method.


The (S.)C.O.R.E Method Programs are all one-on-one consulting & coaching, customized to your needs & business model.


The (S.)C.O.R.E Method is made up out of 4 phases.

  • Current Business

    I analyze your current business model and you, as the business owner, to get to the bottom of what is needed in order to level up your business to an authority level and scale your business in order to hit your revenue goals. I believe it’s important to look at the “superpower” of the business owner to create a business they love and believe in.

  • Operational set-up, Overwhelming feelings, Overthinking

    Once I have had a chance to analyze your business, we’ll set up & implement a strategy to improve your operational  set-up which includes marketing, business & growth strategy, fix or prevent what is or could potentially overwhelm you, help you stop overthinking and ultimately simplify your business model.

  • Revenue & Relationships

    Once we reach this phase, we’ll have implemented everything in order to start reaching out to your ideal target market, set up valuable relationships and we’ll be well on our way to scaling & growing your business.  Everything we have implemented up until this point we have done so with the focus on increasing your revenue by 2X, 3X or even 10X and creating the work/life balance you are looking for.

  • Exponential Growth

    We’ll focus on exponential growth by working on the ongoing improvement of your business & mindset throughout the process, so you, as a business owner, can achieve and maintain the growth in your business while taking back your time freedom and scaling your business to the levels you desire it to be.

Are there costs involved with the Discovery Call?

No, the discovery call is free, but I do ask you to respect my time. If you need to re-schedule please do so in a timely manner. Life happens, and I am always willing to re-schedule. But no-shows will not get another chance to schedule a discovery call. 

Should I prepare something for the Discovery Call? 

Is the Discovery Call for the C.O.R.E & S.C.O.R.E Program the same?

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