Are you sick and tired of the cookie-cutter programs, webinars & "experts" out there that are supposed to help us improve our business when it comes to strategy & marketing? Are you READY to experience some REAL change in your business as a coach or practitioner?​

Hey. Listen up...Did You Play The Video?

My name is Kela Robinson Smith,  I am a Health Coach, and the Co-Host of our special Mastermind Group for Health & Life Coaches. nI want to invite you to listen to the video on this page to understand how you could finally have a breakthrough in your Health or Life Coaching business... 

What is the C.O.R.E Mastermind?

The Mastermind is based on the C.O.R.E Method By Elisabeth Botman, 7-Figure Business Consultant & Growth Strategist. The C.O.R.E Method is generally used through high level 1-on-1 coaching.


Since 2019 Elisabeth Botman has been a certified instructor by nobody other then Tony Robbins, and she has since then also implemented her method on groups through Masterminds.


The C.O.R.E Mastermind for Health & Life Coaches is co-hosted by 6-Figure Health & Transformational Coach Kela Robinson Smith.

The C.O.R.E Method is made up out of 4 phases that

Elisabeth Botman will guide you through.

  • Current Business

    We show you to to analyze your current business model and to look at yourself, as the business owner. We will get to the bottom of what is needed in order to level up your business to an authority level and scale your business in order to hit your revenue goals. We believe it’s important to look at the “superpower” of the business owner to create a business they love and believe in.

  • Operational set-up, Overwhelming feelings, Overthinking

    Once we have gone through an analysis of your business, we’ll set up & implement a strategy to improve your operational  set-up which includes marketing, business & growth strategy, fix or prevent what is or could potentially overwhelm you, help you stop overthinking and ultimately simplify your business model.

  • Revenue & Relationships

    Once we reach this phase, we’ll have implemented everything in order to start reaching out to your ideal target market, set up valuable relationships and we’ll be well on our way to scaling & growing your business.  Everything we have implemented up until this point we have done so with the focus on increasing your revenue by 2X, 3X or even 10X and creating the work/life balance you are looking for.

  • Exponential Growth

    We’ll focus on exponential growth by working on the ongoing improvement of your business & mindset throughout the process, so you, as a business owner, can achieve and maintain the growth in your business while taking back your time freedom and scaling your business to the levels you desire it to be.

The C.O.R.E Mastermind is focused to shift your business, so you can finally do what you love: Coaching.


Each C.O.R.E Group only consists out of 10 Members, and you will be participating for 3 months.


Participating in the Mastermind is by application only, but if you are accepted this is what is included in the Mastermind.

  • Weekly Group Calls

    We'll conduct weekly “meeting of the minds” via a Zoom call,  lead by Elisabeth Botman & Kela Robinson Smith, where we'll guide you through all kinds of strategies to help grow, scale & accelerate your business.

  • Access to a private membership

    You'll get full access to a private membership area where you'll find recordings of all the weekly calls, business resources, videos, ebooks, podcast episodes, FAQ's, bonus trainings & more...

  • Networking Oppertunities

    The power of this Mastermind is in the collaboration.  Networking & having a team to bounce ideas and questions off of will help grow your business in so many ways.

  • Q&A Portal

    Aside from the Q&A sessions during the weekly calls, you'll have access to a Question & Answer portal where you can submit individual questions to Elisabeth Botman & Kela Robinson Smith each week.

  • Messaging Platform

    Learning, growing & keeping each other accountable is essential to growth. We'll provide an online messaging platform where we can connect with each other 24/7 to help optimize your growth.

  • Personal Strategy Call

    Each member of the Mastermind Group receives a unique invitation to a person 1-on-1 strategy call with Elisabeth where all sides of your business will be addressed.

  • Light Bulb Experts

    We'll be inviting more high-level experts, such as marketing, branding, lead-gen, funding specialists, book coaches & others to participate in the weekly calls to help give you an even broader knowledge base. 

  • C.O.R.E Blueprints & More

    We'll provide you with “blueprints” consisting of  success formulas, training material, sales copy, ad copy, email copy & more that have proven results.  Simply customize them and use them.

  • C.O.R.E Mastermind


    Once you have been in the group and actively participated for at least 3 months, you'll receive an official HCP Mastermind Certification, which you can use in all your marketing efforts to establish authority.

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Mastermind will be starting in April & May 2020.

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